Our mission is to significantly improve the dental health of

the world's most disadvantaged children 

Our current projects

Dr Miguel Stanley is the Global Ambassador for our End Infant Oral Mutilation project.

Your donation will help us stop this barbaric practice now.

We are working to open an Educational unit at the Dental Training School in Lisaka, Zambia, which will help to teach children how to care for their teeth.

Teaching preventative oral hygiene ensures children grow up never needing multiple extractions and extensive dental work. Your donation will help us reach Myanmar's children.

SEAL Cambodia has fissure-sealed over 65,000 children. Help us offer this treatment to more children this year.

Oral health booklets

In collaboration with a group of leading senior dental professionals, we have created a series of Oral Health Booklets designed to help new mothers look after their children's teeth from pregnancy through childhood. Oral Health and Your Baby or Child with Special Needs is the latest edition.