Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

The need to advance ethical and social responsibility is hardwired into all of our activities, whether we are implementing direct-intervention programmes, training dental leaders or helping coordinate regional dental services.

However, if we are to meet the ever-increasing oral-health needs of the world’s child population, we need the dental profession as a whole to believe that social responsibility is much more than just an ideology. Instead, it must be the ethical framework by which we all work to achieve lasting change. We want everyone involved in dentistry to take a proactive stance towards improving the oral health of children worldwide.

We have three main programmes that aim to elevate the importance of social responsibility in dentistry:


Tony Volpe Award

We award one established dental professional with the esteemed Tony Volpe Award annually, offering them a place on the prestigious Senior Dental Leaders Programme (SDL).

Please note: this award for 2019 is now closed. Applications for SDL 14 2020 are now open. We look forward to receiving your application.

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Richard Law Award

The Richard Law Award is for dental students in India.

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Promising Leadership Award

The Center for Oral Health is honored to partner with GCDFund to offer an award to a qualified oral health leader.

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Student Dental Electives

Our e-repository of dental student elective projects allows dental students to inform a wider audience of their work, to demonstrate the scope of dental volunteering and raise standards in undergraduate elective programmes.

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Oral Health Booklets

Our range of multilingual oral health booklets help new mothers look after their children's teeth from pregnancy through childhood. 

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