WFPHA Declaration

We are delighted to report that the declaration on access to oral health for children was approved by the governing body last Sunday at the WFPHA General Assembly.

Chaired by Professor Bedi, the Oral Health working group will consider all aspects of oral health and notes that the WFPHA has an existing specific project on dental caries with the Alliance for Cavity Free Future.

Below you can read about the background of this development, and the text of the Declaration itself. 

Further information can be found at the website of the World Federation of Public Health Association


World Federation of Public Health Associations - Oral Health for Children

The World Federation of Public Health Associations and its Members influence international health policy through the development and implementation of Policy Resolutions and other advocacy initiatives.

WFPHA has led the NGO community at Alma Ata in endorsing the concept of primary health care, urged linking health with economic development strategies, raised awareness of the health consequences of landmines and nuclear weapons, engaged as an active NGO participant in the negotiations leading up to the passage of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and is committed to providing leadership in efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

WFPHA is nowadays actively involved in the Non Communicable Diseases process.
The Association’s key policy making forum is the annual General Assembly of the WFPHA held in Geneva to coincide with the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization. This effectively determines the timescale for the development and consideration of policy resolutions.

On the 19th May 2013, the WFPHA general assembly passed a resolution from the newly established Oral Health Working Group on access to good for oral health for children. The declaration had been proposed by the Oral Health Working Group (OHWG) and endorsed by the WFPHA policy committee.

Professor Bedi (Chairman of the WFPHA - OHWG) presented the declaration to members at the 47th WFPHA General Assembly on Sunday, 19th May 2013. The declaration was unanimously accepted by members and will now be sent to all public health associations as the Associations policy on child oral health.


Declaration on Access to Oral Health for Children

Passed by the WFPHA General Assembly - 2013

Every child has a right to good oral health. Oral health problems in children can impact on many aspects of their general health and development, causing substantial pain and disruption to their lives and often altering their behaviour. Oral health is an integral part of overall well-being and essential for eating, growth, speech, social development, learning capacity and quality of life.

To promote oral health every child should have access to:

  • Oral health education including oral hygiene instructions and dietary advice, and access to affordable toothbrushes and toothpaste containing fluoride as soon as the first primary tooth erupts
  • Preventive interventions, appropriate to the infrastructure and priorities of the country, which may include dental sealants, community fluoridation, and regular fluoride varnish applications
  • Treatment of early stage decay to stop it from progressing to cavities, and treatment of dental cavities, acute pain and other oral diseases
  • Environments that eliminate advertising of unhealthy foods to children.
  • Through good oral health all children will have an equal opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential for a promising future.