Tony Volpe Award Winner 2017

We are delighted to announce that Professor Xiaojuan (Jane) Zeng from China recieved the prestigious Tony Volpe award 2017. 

Professor Zeng is the Head of the Department of Dental Public Health at Guangxi Medical University, China. She is also a Professor in Dental Public Health and Endodontology and the General Secretary of Guangxi Stomatological Association. 

On recieving the award Professor Zeng commented:

'I had a dream that I can attend the SDL one day for many years. The Tony Vope Award made my dream come to be true. Thank you so much for this award!

SDL-11 was special experience for me which opens a new world for me. I got to know many important people who are a senior dental leader from different countries, sharing our experience and learn each other. In addition, my leadership skills and learn to use them effectively to work for global oral health have been developed. I have more confidence for my future work to improve children's oral health in China. '