SEAL CAMBODIA is an exciting 3 year project to save children's teeth in Cambodia, where the levels of dental decay are among the highest in the world (dmft of 8-10 at age 5).

The project is supported by the Global Child Dental Fund (GCDFund), the Cambodian Children's Charity (CamKids), and GC (Asia) Company. It has the approval of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. It aims to seal the first permanent molars of 60,000 Grade 2 children over the next three years.  To do this, we need your help!

Local partners for the project in Cambodia are One-2-One, International University, the Oral Health Office of the Ministry of Health, the Pediatric Clinic of the University of Health Sciences, Cambodia World Family, the Cambodian Dental Association and the Regional Nurses Training Centre in Kampong Cham. They are providing some of their own members and personnel - but we also need your help!

We are seeking self-funded overseas volunteer dentists, hygienists, therapists and senior dental students to come to Cambodia for one to two weeks, to work in primary schools to achieve our goal of sealing 20,000 children per year.  We can arrange pick up from the airport, accommodation, local sightseeing, transport to and from the schools, and assistants to work with you.  Training on how the program works and the protocols for GIC sealant placement will be given.  Instruments and materials needed will be provided.

We know this project will make a huge difference to the dental health of these children - most of whom presently face extraction of their 6s by the time they reach high school.  For more information please contact the SEAL CAMBODIA team at:

In addition, there are many other exciting dental opportunities for volunteers in Cambodia.  And donations of used burs (and other items) are always very welcome.  Please join us to make a difference in this part of the world.  Please contact:

We look forward to seeing you in Cambodia soon!

Prof Callum Durward
Chair GCDF_Cambodia.