SEAL CAMBODIA launches in Phnom Penh

Cambodian children have one of the highest dental decay rates in children around the world. Studies show that the average 5 year old has between 8-10 decayed primary teeth. Without access to dental treatment or preventative care at an early age this will continue to be the case.

CamKids ‘The Cambodian Children’s Charity’ and Global Child Dental Fund (GCDFund) are partnering together to treat 60,000 school children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, over the next three years through the SEAL CAMBODIA programme. SEAL CAMBODIA launched in January 2012 and aims to treat 20,000 6-7 year old children through seven dental providers in Cambodia each year to 2014. The treatment involves sealing each child’s teeth with a fissure sealant. Sealants help prevent decay by protecting the chewing surfaces and keeping out germs and food, which, if left, lead to decay. Children’s teeth in Phnom Penh have shown a 2/3rds reduction in decay when they have been treated with sealants.

CamKids and GCDFund have years of experience working alongside Cambodian dental providers to help the many desperate children in Phnom Penh. This new project is a great opportunity for both charities to share in providing further dental care for the most disadvantaged Cambodian children.
Your gift could significantly improve the lives of these Cambodian children. Please consider giving today.

It costs just £1 to treat a child on this programme – a small donation of £20 would enable us to provide treatment for 20 more children.

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