Promoting Dental Leadership training to South East Asian dental school deans

In September the South East Asia Association for Dental Education (SEAADE) met in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, for the 27th Annual Scientific Meeting.

The meeting had the theme: ‘Dental Education in Asia: One Community, One Vision.” Attending were deans of dental schools and leaders in the field of dental education.

At a special meeting of deans, Professor Raman Bedi (pictured lecturing opposite) called for delegates to unite and improve dental leadership in the next generation of young dentists in South East Asia. As a result, our online Advanced Dental Leadership program was made free of charge in Malaysia and the Philippines for a 2 month period. 

Visit the ADL website:

The GCDFund will continue to promote the importance of leadership training by participating in a regional dental public web based conference. The conference will be organized by professor Alan Pau Kah Heng, and held in April 2017 at the International Medical University of Malaysia.