Promising Leadership Award 2019

Dr Dorjan Hysi receives the Promising Leadership Award 2019

The Center for Oral Health partners with GCDFund in offering this award to a qualified oral health leader. Young professionals from various disciplines (public health, dentistry, social work, public policy etc.) with a demonstrated interest in addressing health disparities and dental/oral public health are encouraged to apply.

This an opportunity for young healthcare professionals with a demonstrated interest in addressing health disparities to train alongside some of the most influential figures in the formulation of world dental policy.

This year the award was presented to Dr Dorjan Hysi, Chair of the Conservative Dental Department at University of Medicine of Tirana, Albania who said:

“The Senior Dental Leader Programme 13 was a great learning experience. It helped in building bridges between continents to reach a common goal, that of improving oral health in our communities. Every day we are facing new technologies, trying to change things effectively, but we cannot succeed without developing collaboration and passionate global leadership. Together, as a team of Senior Dental Leaders, we can do better.”