Prof Bedi visits SEAL CAMBODIA project

The SEAL CAMBODIA project was started by the GCDFund taskforce in Cambodia and brings together all the country’s dental NGO’s, dental schools, Ministry of Health and Colgate Palmolive and GC to collaborate and start a school preventive program by including GIC fissure sealants on first permanent molars, fluoride varnish and toothpaste, dental health education.

The GIC sealants are applied to the teeth of 6-7 year old children by trained Cambodian dentists, dental nurses and dental students – as well as overseas volunteers.  A workshop sponsored was held in Phnom Penh on 8-9 July, for dental professionals involved in SEAL CAMBODIA.  In attendance were over 100 representatives from the organizations supporting the SEAL CAMBODIA project, international speakers from Kuwait (Prof Hien Ngo), Thailand (Prof Prathip Phanumvanith), Australia (Prof David Manton and Prof Wendell Evans), Singapore (Prof Robert Yee), Indonesia (Dr Irene Adyatmaka and Dr Adang Bachtiar) and the UK (Prof Raman Bedi), as well as local dentists and dental nurses from NGOs, ministries, hospitals and clinics. The following day, a smaller group focused on refining the clinical protocols for the project, as well looking at the research and evaluation aspects.

The photo shows Professor Bedi in the car park with the first group of children at the first school to be sealed.

If you would like more information or are able to help in any way please contact:

Dr Callum Durward
Global Child Dental Fund (Cambodia)
Tel: 012-394534