Launch of E-Depository

In collaboration with King’s College London, today we launched an E-Depository site as part of its Indian Strategy Project. This project aims to encourage social responsibility amongst the community and aid support for projects (voluntary and research) in terms of both monetary support and volunteers.

The E-Depository (Indian Strategy) allows charitable organisations to document their voluntary activities in India into a structured and searchable website so that interested parties can collaborate and discuss proposals, findings, and ongoing work as well as be able to aid projects by providing essential funds.

If you are a charitable organisation, student or just an interested individual looking to contribute, please register on our E-Depository (Indian Strategy) and tell us about your project and generate essential support for vital programmes. If your project is good and you believe it can win the “Best Project of the Month” the GCDFund will widely advertise and feature your project to help generate funding.

This is a great opportunity to feature your project internationally and also generate funding – the GCDFund encourages you to join and be part of this great venture.

Click here to go to the E-Depository (Indian Strategy) site.