Indian Oral Health Survey Update

We are pleased to report that the results of the “Indian Oral Health Survey: A Needs Assessment” will be available by mid-October 2012. If anyone wishes to obtain a copy of the report, please sign up for our e-Newsletter at the GCDFund website (

The GCDFund “Calls for Action” to improve dental services and oral health in India. The preliminary results confirm that a call for action is needed to improve dentistry in India and the widespread disparities between income groups. The GCDFund will develop the call for action over the next few years but for the present we intend to focus on four main areas:

  • A national and/or state community programme to provide dental care for the underserved and health education to improve dental health literacy;
  • Improvements in dental education at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level;
  • The framework to allow senior members of the worldwide Indian Dental Diaspora to contribute to the above;
  • Mentoring programmes from overseas Indian dentists to younger members of the dental profession in India.