Hyewon Lee Talk

Recently, our Consultant for the Pacific Dental Network, Hyewon Lee, gave a presentation at the University of Nairobi. The talk was organised by Dr Arthur Kemoli, the Chairman of the Kenya Association of Paediatric Dentists. In attendance were dental students, residents, and faculties.

Hyewon had this to say:

'I presented on the importance of oral health as a public health topic, and discussed its potential to achieve lasting success. I also overviewed the oral health status of children from different parts of the world, and shared 3 case studies of school-based oral health programs.

Lastly, I shared a short story of Rena, a 10 year old I met in Mombasa whilst undertaking an oral health instruction project in a small community. Rena took me house to house so I could give oral health instruction to local families. At the end of my time with her, Rena became an oral health educator for her friends and neighbors. She said her dream is to be a nurse to bring happiness to her country. It was such an awakening moment to me.

This presentation was a meaningful experience. In particular, there was an Q&A session, in which we dicussed how oral health leaders can fight corporate companies that produce high-sugar products. I shared the concept of integrating oral health and primary health in relation to what is happening in dental public health world in USA.

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to hold this presentation, and thanks to Yohan who helped me in recording my seminar as well as taking pictures. Our work in Mombasa was very productive, providing creative art education and oral health hygiene education to more than 100 children,  and we build a house out of local soil for a homeless family. We are all very proud of what has been achieved. 

With best wishes