Dental Leadership Course In Cambodia

Two months ago a group of 25 senior Cambodian dental students (from 3 dental schools in Phnom Penh) and young dentists enrolled for the Advanced Leadership Course. It was decided that to get the most from the course, members of the group who wanted to, would meet on Sunday mornings to review and discuss the readings and complete some of the activities. Since then, the group has met each week and is progressing through Part 1 of the 3 part program.

Dr Callum Durward, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Puthisastra, helps to lead the discussions each Sunday, and is himself getting a lot out of the course. "This course is full of very interesting and informative material and is structured in a very logical way to enhance learning," he said. "The students and young dentists find they are learning a lot about leadership - and many of them have great potential to be the leaders of dentistry in Cambodia in the future". "I highly recommend this course for senior dental students and young dentists - but each person needs to put aside a couple of hours each week to read the material and do the practical exercises".

Recently Professor Raman Bedi visited Cambodia and met with some of the students involved in the program. He shared with them how the program was developed and has been improved over time, and how many students and dentists around the world are now taking part.