African Network Update

Network Background
The African Network was conceived in 2012 during the Senior Dental Leaders meeting in London.  The main goals of the network are to create a platform for dentists in the region to share experiences, expertise and resources so as to improve child oral health care and to enhance leadership development in Africa.

Kenya Developments
In collaboration with the Kenya Association of Paediatric Dentists, we are organising a conference in Nairobi, Kenya, this summer.

The main goal of the 2-day session will be to increase dental capacity throughout Eastern African. During the session, community oral health workers from different regions in Kenya will take part in continuing professional development training in Prevention and diagnosis of oral diseases.

Additionally, paediatric dentists from Kenya and the surrounding countries will take part to share experiences and collaborate in developing and implementing solution for their countries oral health needs.

Tanzania Developments
The final report of the MUHAS project was published in April 2013.  Currently, a committee the Muhimbili School of dentistry is setting up a committee to pursue the project’s short-term goals.