Afghanistan Update

Recently our project lead in Afghanistan, Jason Geromette, spoke to the local project administrator, who gave gave the following report: 

"The schools are saying our work has been extremely beneficial to children, mothers and teachers. Aside from the work done directly with mothers and children, teachers have are also sharing the good oral hygiene practices they are learning with their relatives and neighbours. Indeed, Numerous schools have now requested additional training for their teachers, so they can pass on more advanced skills and knowledge in their own communities.

I came to understand the effectiveness of all of our efforts when I quizzed various children during one particular toothbrush and paste distribution session. At random, I asked children whether the teachers had clearly communicated what foods are beneficial to eat, how and when to brush, and so on. The responses were overwhelmingly positive!

Number-wise, 1,689 brushes and pastes have been distributed to the mothers at the ‘mother’s meetings’. Additionally, 5,640 brushes and pastes have been distributed at ten local schools. Each mother has received essential oral health tips. And at each of the schools we work with, teachers have conducted Oral Health training based on instructions at our seminar at the start of the year."

We will be posting regular updates from this project on our website, so please watch this space.