Senior Dental Officer
SDL-6 (2012)

Mr Enock Phale

Enock Phale was born on 19th Nov 1970. He is a Christian, is married to Margret and they have 3 children a boy and two girls: Harold, Ester and Mary. After secondary school he was selected to go to Malawi College of Health Sciences in 1991 to pursue a course in Dental Therapy and graduated in 1994 with a Diploma in Dental Therapy. He worked in a busy dental clinic set up in Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre for 5 years and later transferred to Blantyre District Health Office where he spearheaded the opening of static urban dental clinics in 3 health centres and also participated in forming a team for a rural dental outreach program. Later in 2003 he was promoted to be in charge of the dental department in one of Malawi's highly populated districts, Mangochi. While there he published an oral health survey report on the magnitude of tooth decay and gum diseases among the 12 to 17 year old children that he had undertaken. He facilitated the opening of two additional static clinics to increase community accessibility of dental services in the district. In 2008 he was transferred to the Ministry of Health Headquarters, to serve as an Assistant Director of Clinical Services responsible for Dental and Oral Health services. This is a policy advisory role in the ministry on issues related to oral and dental health. He has participated in several local and international dental workshops, conferences and short courses as part of Continuing Professional Development. He is a member of the International Association for Dental Research South East Division and serves as the country's focal person. He has vibrantly facilitated promotion and support of dental and oral health services in the ministry of health. He is one of the passionate people trying to ensure that Malawi opens its own dental school.