Deputy Chief Dental Officer & Head of Oral Health Policy, Department of Health
SDL-1 (2007)

Dr Tony Jenner

Tony Jenner is self-employed and currently works as a consultant for the NHS. As a young general dental practitioner Tony worked in an area of high unemployment and social need in Wales and this greatly influenced his future career in public health. When he had the opportunity of influencing health policy within the Department of Health in England, his hope was that the policy documents that he was able to publish would carry forward the principle of the need to prevent disease and to particularly help those less fortunate in society. His passions in dentistry are improving oral health through prevention and dental public health measures, particularly in communities with the greatest social and financial difficulties. This has led Tony to work on behalf of GCDF in South Africa, helping them to work on dental health improvements for the most needy in society, as he has been seeking to do all his working life in the UK. Tony has worked with us for many years because he believes GCDF embodies the principles that he has striven for in his dental public health career. He has been fortunate in his life and career and working alongside GCDF has helped him to repay society for what it has given him.