Lecturer, Periodontics
SDL-7 (2013)

Dr Robyn Watson

Robyn Watson is a Dental Hygienist who was educated in the USA and practiced and taught in the USA for many years before returning to her home country of New Zealand in 1994 to participate in the introduction of the first school of Dental Hygiene in New Zealand. Since that time, she has been on the faculty of the Otago School of Dentistry, the Otago Polytechnic and consulted with the development of the BSc in Oral Health at the Auckland University of Technology where she was a Senior lecturer, and NZDHA representative to the Oral Health Advisory Board of the University. Robyn has more recently been appointed as a Lecturer in the Department of Periodontics at the University of Sydney. She has served as Vice President and President of the NZDHA and sat on the New Zealand Dental Council for 6 years. She served on the Oral Health Advisory Group to the Ministry of Health and the New Zealand Dental Health Foundation for four years. Robyn is one of the New Zealand delegates to the International Federation of Dental Hygienists and chaired the Education committee for three years. She received her Dental Hygiene education at the University of Pennsylvania, her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Auxiliary Education at the University of North Carolina and her Masters in Public Administration in Health Services Management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She has delivered programmes internationally for several years during which she has conducted seminars for Universities and professional groups in Australia, New Zealand, UAR, Malaysia Germany, Kenya, Korea, Brazil, Cambodia, Vietnam and East Timor. Her latest project is developing a dental facility on Epi Island in Vanuatu to serve the local community.