Assistant Professor of Dental Public Health at the University of Khartoum Sudan
SDL-8 (2014)

Dr Nazik M Nurelhuda

Dr Nurelhuda is the 2014 recipient of the Tony Volpe award Nazik is a dental public health specialist. She obtained her bachelor in dental surgery from the University of Khartoum in 2002. Between 2006 and 2010, she was a doctoral research fellow at the University of Bergen studying dental caries risk factors in Sudanese schoolchildren. She proposed the use of the Sudanese commodity Gum Arabic to regulate oral micro-bacteria to control for tooth decay. Following that Nazik joined the public health institute as a coordinator to a unit concerned with knowledge translation-related research and dissemination activities to enhance interactive engagement between the research and the Sudan health care system. She has extensive experience working with schoolchildren and children with special needs in oral health promotion programmes, and is currently rolling out a project with the University of Khartoum to deliver preventive services to mothers and children through dental homes. Her research work has been in the areas of health systems, health policy and eHealth, where she advocated within the ministry of health and stakeholders the importance of maximizing the benefits from ICTs in healthcare development.