Chief Dental Officer, Zambia
SDL-6 (2012)

Dr Itone Muteba

Dr Itone Muteba was born on 17th August 1953 in Kabwe - Central Province of Zambia.  He started Primary School in 1959 in Chief Chitanda area in the same province. He went on to Katondo Primary School where he completed his Primary Education in 1968 and qualified to King George High School. After completing form three at this school, he left due to family setbacks and joined the Dental Training School in 1972 to study Dentistry at a primary level as a Dental Assistant. He qualified in 1974 with a certificate. In August 1974 he joined the civil service as a Dental Assistant, and still is to date. He enrolled with central African Correspondence College and one local distance learning School and completed five necessary 'O' levels to enable him to study Dentistry. In 1982 he won a six year scholarship to Poland to study Dentistry. Upon completion he received a first degree in Dentistry (DMD)-Doctor in Dental Medicine.  In 1995, he gained a four year Scholarship to Australia at Adelaide University, where he completed his Masters in Dental Surgery – Prosthodontics MDS(pros). Over the years he has seen promotion to Dental Surgeon, Senior Dental Surgeon, Principal Dental Surgeon and finally Consultant in Prosthodontics. From 2006 to 2008 he worked as a Principal Lecturer in the Dental Training School. In August 2008, he was promoted to Deputy Director Public Health & Research – Oral Health, formally called Chief Dental Officer.