Paedodontic, Orthodontic and Preventive Dentistry, Hawler Medical University
SDL-7 (2013)

Dr Fighan Jalal Hussein

Dr Fighan Jalal Hussein was born on 15th August 1981 in Erbil the Capital of Kurdistan Region-Iraq. She graduated in the College of Dentistry – Salahudeen University in Erbil at 2005. After graduation she worked in the Ministry of Health 6 years. She is a leader in preventive health department, School services in directorate of health and participated as supervisor in preventive and dental health for Schools and Pregnant women. She obtained a Master of Science in Preventive Dentistry at Hawler Medical University, Erbil in 2011. She is now Assistant lecturer in the same University, giving preventive dentistry lectures to the final grade students both theoretical and practical.