Vice-coordinator of FDI 2013 Istanbul Congress
SDL-7 (2013)

Dr Duygu Ilhan

Duygu Ilhan graduated from Istanbul University of Dental Faculty in 1999. She started her postgradute education at the Periodontology Department of Ist. University at the same year. After receiving her PhD in periodontology, she has been practicing in her private clinic since 2005. She serves as the member of Foreign Affairs committee of Turkish Dental Association and Education committee of Istanbul Dental Chamber since 2005. She was in the editorial board of journal TDA between 2003-2010. Besides, she is an active member of TAP, EFP and IAP at the same time. She has several presentations published through national and international congresses. She is the contact person for ‘Live-Learn-Laugh’ Global Project in Turkey. She also takes part in the core team of ‘Health Promoting Schools in Turkey’ project. Internationally, she is a member of Prevention Group in European Regional Organization. She was elected as a member of FDI Communications and Member Support Committee during FDI 2012 Hong Kong Congress. Recently, she is the vice-coordinator of FDI 2013 Istanbul Congress.