Infant Oral Mutilation is a barbaric practice affecting 25 million children each year. Now is the time to stop it.

What is IOM?

The practice of Infant Oral Mutilation (IOM) is widespread - subjecting millions of children each year to agonising pain, distress, and the risk of death. Commonly performed in East African countries, it involves the gouging of un-erupted canine teeth by untrained healers using unsterile implements, and without anaesthetic.

The Paediatric Dental Association of East Africa and other leading national dental groups have issued a call to action - to eradicate IOM within 10 years. The Global Child Dental Fund and others have started work alongside the East African Dental Community to mobilise support, and to create and resource a strategy to eradicate IOM.

To end the needless suffering of millions of children each year, we need to raise awareness of this barbaric practice, and you can make a difference today:

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Join with us today – and help the East African dental community make IOM a thing of the past.