We have created an e-depository website to record dental volunteering projects. This resource allows both students and practitioners to inform a wider audience of their work, raise standards and demonstrate both the scope and impact of dental volunteering programmes.


Many dental students and practitioners undertake volunteering projects which have a major impact on the lives of those whom they serve. However, much of this good work is un-recorded and it is part of professional responsibility to ensure that there is suitable documentation of what has been achieved and sufficient information for future volunteers to build upon the work.

To facilitate this, the GCDFund social responsibility website will:-

Allow all dental students and practitioners to upload social responsible projects they have undertaken - in order to help future volunteers and highlight the needs of those whom they have visited. The site can also be used to fund raise for the individual themselves or for the projects they are engaged in.


What this project will achieve for
social responsibility in dentistry:

  • It will establish a one-of-a-kind e-depository for information, opinions and knowledge about dental volunteering projects and associated voluntary opportunities.
  • It will encourage socially responsible professionalism and responsibility towards others in the next generation of dentists and dental volunteers.
  • It will help volunteers to share insights for mutual learning.
  • It will help develop advocacy for global dental health.
  • As students and practitioners promote their projects across social media channels, the concept of social responsibility in dentistry will gain wider recognition.
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