We pursue our mission through 4 main areas of work

Smiles & Hope

Our international dental-aid programme designed to improve child dental health in developing countries around the world. In each country we work in, we collaborate with NGOs and healthcare organisations to further local dental provision for deprived children.


Our annual flagship training programme, Senior Dental Leaders (SDL), allows senior academics, policy makers and figures from NGOs to developtheir leadership skills and learn to use them effectively to improve child oral health and promote public oral health agendas. In 2015, we also developed an innovative online programme Advanced Dental Leadership. Designed for final year dental students and younger dental professionals around the world, ADL develops the leadership skills that will prepare the emerging generation of dentists to perform in the increasingly competitive and evolving arena of modern dentistry.

Social Responsibility

Our drive to increase social responsibility manifests through three programmes. Our award schemes facilitate learning opportunities for dental students and professionals. Our dental electives student website enables dental students and practitioners to upload socially responsible projects they have undertaken. You can read about it here. Lastly, our range of multilingual oral health booklets help new mothers look after their children's teeth from pregnancy through childhood. 

Network Building

In collaboration with our SDL alumni and local partners in African and Asia-Pacific countries, we are helping to build oral health networks for these geogrpahically diverse regions. We are assisting with the efforts of dental and general healthcare professionals, NGO’s, academics, therapists and clinicians as they work to develop more streamlined and effective cross-border oral health services.