The Global Child Dental Fund would like to thank the Brazilian Society of Pediatric Medicine (SBP) for hosting us at their national congress. The SPB is considered to be the largest child health promotion association in Latin America. 

SBP’s partnership with the Global Child Dental Fund (GCDF) through its Brazilian representatives Prof Dr Sonia Groisman and Dr Doris Rocha Ruiz, strives to widely disseminate our Oral Health Booklets for mothers and children. They have been especially adapted for pediatric medicine by Prof Luciana R. Silva and Prof Dr Dirceu Solé (President and Scientific Director of SBP).

The booklets were freely distributed allowing Brazilian consultants to interact with 6,000 pediatricians enrolled in the Brazilian Congress of Pediatric Medicine. They are available from the Brazilian Society of Pediatric Medicine for free download by their members.

We would like to kindly acknowledge Prof Luciana Duff and Prof Dirceu Solé for understanding the need to spread this knowledge and embrace the project. We also thank Colgate Brazil for printing the booklets.

With your help we can continue to update and distribute these important booklets to mothers around the world.  Please click here to see the complete series.