Myanmar is the size of England and France and has a population of around 55 million. With just 6.8 dentists per 100,000 population, poor oral health inevitably prevails throughout the country.

The needs of Myanmar for its child oral health program are ‘further knowledge and education. We need to update what we are learning here in Myanmar so that we can bring fresh ideas to our approach. I really need help: support and co-operation from the international dental community to help with teaching here.

We also need scholarship programmes so that public health dentists from Myanmar can train abroad and implement new strategies to improve things in our country.

‘The Global Child Dental Fund has recently launched an online leadership programme for schoolteachers and school nurses, recognising that they are ideally placed to foster good child oral health for life.

‘SDL has been such a great support. The experience has been extremely valuable and I have learnt so much in leadership principles and techniques. It has really meant a lot to me.’

Dr Khin Maung
Chief Dental Officer, Myanmar

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