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Read about Malawi developments. These are exciting times for Malawian dentistry...


Dear friend,

The last few months have been a fascinating time for our charity. In this winter e-newsletter I bring you up to date with recent developments.


Phases 2 and 3 of our project to save Cambodian children’s teeth took place in December and January. Following the successful first phase, which focused on coordinating the activities of the 5 participating organisations, training and capacity building, it was exciting to finally start treating children. To date, the teeth of 815 children from 5 schools have been sealed. Capacity for treatment in larger numbers is building quickly and we expect to be working with over 1000 children each month very soon.

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2013 Richard Law Award

In honour of the late Richard Law (opposite), this award is open to all dental students currently studying in India. A prize of $500 will be awarded to the winner of an essay competition which is based on 3 oral health topics. Further information on how to apply at our website.

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Malawi Developments

These are exciting times for Malawian dentistry. In November, SDL-6 alumnus Enock Phale successfully ran the countries' first Oral Health Week. And in January, the UK-based charity Dentaid flew out two engineers to install and commission a renovated dental unit. The team also carried out other improvements to the local dental department, and trained Malawian bio-medical engineers how to maintain and repair their dental equipment. Click below to read about other oral health developments in Malawi.

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Smiles & Hopes Afghanistan

In January we trained our new 'master trainer' and developed camaraderie between the staff. This month, ten schoolteachers attended a four-day seminar and learnt to deliver oral health lessons to over 4500 students. Additionally, over 3000 mothers will be taught the 'how-to' of effective tooth brushing and oral heath, and be equipped with tooth brushes and tooth paste for their children.

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The charity has received a grant from local supporters to sponsor three Kurdish dental academics to attend our SDL-7 programme. I am also acting as special advisor for the reconstruction of dental issues in Kurdistan, and will discuss with the group how best to develop a 'Smile Iraq' initiative.

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MUHAS School of Dentistry

This project aims to transform the MUHAS School of Dentistry in Tanzania into an oral healthcare enterprise hub. GCDFund ambassador Nabil Manzoor is leading the project with support from management consultant Anny Lin.  Over a two week period, the team proposed a Strategic Plan to remodel the school as an ‘Oral Healthcare Enterprise Service’ that could potentially generate TZS 1bn. Both the management team and the Vice Chancellor of MUHAS fully endorse the plans and we all eagerly await progress.

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Making Time Fly!

Last Autumn we launched ‘Time Flies’, an exciting children’s worksheet initiative that benefits surgeries, patients and the millions of disadvantaged children we work with. Having successfully piloted the project we are now looking to involve more surgeries worldwide. Click the button below to easily access the worksheets and discover why Time Flies has been described as a 'remarkable programme'!
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SDL-8 Award

We’re looking forward to the seventh session of our Senior Dental Leaders programme in Boston, USA, next month. The winner of this year's Tony Volpe Award will be announced shortly. If you would like to be considered for this award for SDL-8 in 2014, please write to us in April. (2012 winner Fiona Makoni pictured.)

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Thank you for taking the time to read this e-newsletter, and for supporting our
work. I will be in touch again in the spring to update you on progress.

Professor Raman Bedi