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SEAL CAMBODIA Launch, Smiles & Hopes Zambia...

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We have had a busy autumn at the GCDFund and this newsletter has brought some exciting new beginnings, some changes and a lot of satisfaction in achieving some of our primary goals while also building on new ones.  In this newsletter I update you with some of our recent developments.

SEAL Cambodia launch SEAL CAMBODIA Launch
Seal Cambodia was launched in July in Phnom Penh by Under Secretary of State for Health, HE Professor Sea Huong. The three-year project will provide preventive dental care to 60,000 young children and involves a range of dental providers within the country. Initiated by the GCDFund, the project now has a range of dental NGO’s and Corporate sponsors. Seal Cambodia is a legacy project of the 2011 Senior Dental Leadership programme being led by Callum Durward (SDL-2) and Annie Chen-Green (SDL-5). Read more
Smiles & Hopes Zambia Smiles & Hopes Zambia
We launched the Smiles & Hopes Zambia project this summer. It is another legacy project of our 2012 Senior Dental leadership programme, and is being led by Elastus Chonde (SDL-6).
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Annual ACFF meeting Annual ACFF meeting
On the 31st August Professor Bedi attended the 3rd annual meeting of the ACFF in Hong Kong. At the event Professor Bedi gave the 3rd Global ACFF annual report, and much progress was made in consolidating the ACFF’s achievements since its launch.
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The Indian Strategy The Indian Strategy
This project is a direct response to the findings of our book 'Indian Health Professionals around the World: a Common Agenda'. We are rising to the challenge of tackling India’s most pressing oral health needs. The project is co-led by Professor Bedi and Mahesh Verma (SDL-3) and will be a legacy project from the upcoming 2013 SDL-7 programme. Furthermore, we have now published the results of the Indian Oral Survey conducted in July and August 2012.
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Revolutionise your waiting room!
In September our newest initiative 'Time Flies' launched. Join with us to revolutionise your waiting room whilst raising funds for disadvantaged children overseas!
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The seventh session of our award-winning Senior Dental Leaders course is taking place in Boston in March 2013. To view the brochure and find out how to apply, please click the button below.
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Thank you for reading. I will be in touch again soon to update you on our progress.



Professor Raman Bedi